Founded in 2005, Charlottesville Tomorrow is a hyperlocal journalism  501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to expand civic engagement and foster a vibrant, inclusive, and interdependent community. Supported entirely by contributions from readers, local philanthropic giving, and national foundations, Charlottesville Tomorrow delivers in-depth reporting and analysis on local issues with the goal of improving local decision-making. We distribute our news through our weekly email newsletter, website and social media channels.

Our mission

Charlottesville Tomorrow delivers in-depth reporting and analysis that improves local decision-making. We seek to expand civic engagement to foster a vibrant, inclusive, and interdependent community.


Truth​ is the foundation of all great journalism, ​but truth in news is not simply the regurgitation of facts and quotes​. We commit to delivering stories that incorporate the highest standards of journalism through the use of in-depth reporting, data, diverse perspectives, human-focused storytelling, creative formats, and exhaustive sourcing. Our goal is to slow down, to develop long-term source networks, and to pursue stories that help establish shared truth in public decision-making.

We believe that Charlottesville has the resources to provide opportunity and well-being for all of its people, regardless of age, race, income, gender, or nationality. We recognize that our ​community​ is made up of many interrelated and interconnected communities. In our journalism, we seek to establish healthy community dialogue, to examine solutions that solve systemic problems, and to cover the issues that matter the most to all of us.

By embracing the value of ​equity​, we commit to elevating the voices of the people most impacted by decisions and policies, and we strive to reach audiences in vulnerable communities with journalism that empowers and inspires them. We recognize that media coverage has a natural tendency to prioritize vocal, powerful, and organized interests, so we work to ensure that our coverage represents balanced, diverse, and equitable perspectives.

Charlottesville Tomorrow