Anslem “JR” Gentle, Managing Director, GigDog

What are you innovating on right now?  
I am building a new way for music lovers to discover the great music that is right outside their front doors. At the same time, I provide a platform for up-and-coming artists to showcase their music in advance of their stage performances. 
What inspired you to follow an entrepreneurial path? 
The desire to be my own boss and to create something unique. 
Tell us what you learned from your biggest failure. 
The world keeps turning. Your friends are still your friends, your family still loves you, and you will survive. I learned the skills and confidence to do it better next time. 
How does Charlottesville as a place support or fuel your innovations?
Charlottesville has created a great ecosystem of people who have been there and done that. Most importantly, they are eager to help you with your venture by offering rare insights into a variety of businesses and sharing their experiences. 
What would you change or keep the same in Charlottesville? 
Encourage more established businesses to set up shop here in Charlottesville. We lack a lot of mid-level businesses. We have loads of startups, and lots of higher-end firms. We need places for your entrepreneurs to gain experience without being swallowed up in the machine that is corporate business.
What is your biggest need right now to advance your innovation?  
Expertise in a few key areas (Sales and Marketing) and funds to grow and expand. 
What is the view from your office like on a typical day? 
Trees!! That’s the best part of being in Charlottesville. Nature everywhere!